Executive Biography

Tyler Adkison is a visionary, serial entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer @ BlockTerra Capital, a crypto asset hedge fund. 

His enthusiasm, risk seeking attitude, experience as a professional athlete with the Los Angeles Dodgers, as a pre-ICO advisor, as a consultant with a tech company (SaaS) that was successfully acquired, and all of the experiences, mentors + venture capital along the way led him to the creation of BlockTerra Capital. 

At BlockTerra he strives to stay at the forefront of innovation and excellence. He does this by continually staying open to new data, while reevaluating current beliefs and assumptions. The backbone of BlockTerra is the world-class team he has formed and the "winning culture" that he has molded from his own experience with the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Tyler is also a co-host of a podcast, The Underdog Mindset

He lives his life based on one quote, "do things right". These words were ingrained into him by one of his original mentors, Tony Gwynn, and he continues to live his life after baseball with these same core values.

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